Saturday, February 25, 2012

Acrylic studies and Dungeon Delve progress

Some photoshop doodling, progress on my reworking of my old Dungeon Delve piece, and some acrylic studies.

I didn't really like my old Dungeon Delve piece I did for the ArtOrder challenge.  It, frankly, was awful: weak composition, weak rendering, weak acting...there just wasn't anything that was particularly strong about it.  So I've decided that the only way to be happy with it is to go back and fix it, make it better.  I'm really looking forward how it progresses, since so far it's been smooth.
I've recently been dabbling in Golden Open Acrylics out of a desire to learn some traditional painting.  I hate normal acrylics, mostly because everything on the palette dries too quickly to be of any use, and I'm usually not wary enough to remember to keep misting the area with water.

The only major two drawbacks I've been having is not making enough paint to spread well enough (something that may be more my fault than the paint itself,) and the paint applies thinly enough to paper that there really isn't a lot of working time available once the paint is laid down.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sketches of February

I lost a lot of time pursuing some failed ends on the ArtOrder Lyssa challenge, so unfortunately my free sketching hasn't been as active as I would have liked it.  Still though, here are some of the betters ones from February.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

More AO Lyssa exploration

Continuing my sketches for the ArtOrder of the members suggested exploring a multi-arm theme, and I'm glad I took the advice -- it's taking it in a new direction.