Sunday, March 27, 2011

Imagined Studies

I completely forgot about posting these here - these have been posted before on

Above is a collection of studies I have been doing from the imagination - I've wanted to push my ability to try and draw these things from out of my head on the knowledge that I'm familiar with from doing life drawing and studying the forms in day to day observations and photos.

I've been approaching it systematically, taking each major portion of the human body and isolating it to some degree, before I bring it back into the fold of the whole human figure. I'm right now about to start arms, followed by head and shoulders.
Most likely after I'm done with these I'll do another round of them, but this time from life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 2 of Digital Painting - Environments!

This is the second assignment from the digital painting class. We were given the task of designing either an environment or character, and paint it using the lasso and pen tool almost exclusively. The goals were to make it simple and graphic.

This was a fun assignment for me - not only was it way out of my comfort zone (Both content and style-wise), but at the end of it I had a blast! And I learned quite a few new tricks regarding masks...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zbrush noodles and movie studies

I've started to get back into Zbrush after a long long hiatus from it. Surprisingly, I just needed to get quickly reacquainted with how to make a basic bust with zspheres or a polymesh sphere. The rest of it came back naturally. So now every few evenings I've done a quick sketch in zbrush (by quick, I mean somewhere around 1-3 hours.) No preliminary doodle, I just make a standard bust shape with zspheres and try to make some interesting shapes.

I'm also taking a digital painting class through CGMW (whose workshops I wholly recommend.) The first assignment was value studies from film stills. I've never done something like this, so the first few I struggled with - place down some values, double-check, see I'm ridiculously off, and readjust. After awhile I became pretty good at recognizing the value relationships, and it certainly taught me a good deal. Why I haven't done these before, I don't have a clue - they seem really invaluable.