Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zbrush noodles and movie studies

I've started to get back into Zbrush after a long long hiatus from it. Surprisingly, I just needed to get quickly reacquainted with how to make a basic bust with zspheres or a polymesh sphere. The rest of it came back naturally. So now every few evenings I've done a quick sketch in zbrush (by quick, I mean somewhere around 1-3 hours.) No preliminary doodle, I just make a standard bust shape with zspheres and try to make some interesting shapes.

I'm also taking a digital painting class through CGMW (whose workshops I wholly recommend.) The first assignment was value studies from film stills. I've never done something like this, so the first few I struggled with - place down some values, double-check, see I'm ridiculously off, and readjust. After awhile I became pretty good at recognizing the value relationships, and it certainly taught me a good deal. Why I haven't done these before, I don't have a clue - they seem really invaluable.

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