Saturday, September 20, 2014

Nasutoceratops Available NOW!

Finished paint job done by the ever talented Martin Garratt

Finished paint job by Martin Garratt

I'm so excited to finally announce that my Nasutoceratops model is now available as my SECOND resin kit!  This time the guy is in 1:15 scale, which gives him a whopping 13" in a neutral pose (the above pose, which the model is in, is about 10" from the two farthest points")  I've been really happy with how this came out, from the initial sculpt to the final finished paint job that was done for it.

Like the T. rex, you can purchase the kit either unfinished and unassembled or finished over at Dan's Dinosaurs. This is Dan's 7th exclusive model for his site (with my rex being no. 6!)  I can't wait to get my copy in the mail and go to town on it!

Unfinished Nasutoceratops model
Finished Nasutoceratops model

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Digital Sketchbook pages

I keep a digital file that's pretty much a digital sketchbook that I use to try out some different photoshop stuff, doodle ideas, and just generally fulfill the same purpose my physical sketchbook does for me.  This stuff is from the past several months, so some of it has been seen elsewhere, but others I haven't posted before!