Monday, April 28, 2008

Creature Spotlight: Garret's Tuskrunner

So I decided on doing a concept exercise for myself to just keep my imagination going and just be sure to have some sort of drawing done, and this is all based on that last post! I got the idea of choosing an ecosystem(plains, volcanoe, forest, freshwater, etc.) and each week or so, do 3 drawings, consisting of a main food source (plant or something similar), a prey animal (thing that eats food source), and a predator animal (thing that eats prey animal.) It'd start with the main food source, but since I started with that weird lil' alien earlier, I present to you...

Prey Animal: Garret's Tuskrunner!
For now here's a colored schematic of the lil' guy, and since I already threw up some sketches of him previously, you can just scroll down to see 'em. Anywho, onto a bit of fluff facts:

Garret's Tuskrunner (named for Arthur D. Garret, the astrozoologist that discovered this species) is a plain-dwelling creature that inhabits the arid planet designated DX723. Unlike most animals, its designed to graze the bushes that inhabit its world, using a swooping action with the lower jaws to scoop, pinch, and pull the leaves off of the plant. It's long legs allow it to quickly gallop away, while the bony spike protrusions on the tail aid in balance and self-defense.

So that's it for now, tune in soon for the main food source!

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