Saturday, January 22, 2011

Awake from the Winter, new resolutions.

Above is a piece I submitted to the Dungeon Delve challenge that went on a month back over at Artorder. It's not my most favorite piece (in fact, to be truthful, there's a lot that bugs me in terms of the painting part even though I rather like the drawing) but I was happy enough with it at the time. I think I might revisit it and fix it up soon.

I noticed that the last two times winter rolled around I tend to drop off the face of the Earth because of all the holidays getting mashed together; and I find myself trying to get back into posting regularly a little difficult (you should see how I am on other sites though...I guess you could say I do not put myself out there well enough.)

In anycase, one of my resolutions this year was to make an effort to post at least once a week - if I do well enough with that, I think I'll try and double it. Here's a few other resolutions I've made for myself this year (All art-related, surprise surprise):

-Have six illustrations done by June
-Have a basic concept art portfolio ready by June
-Get a better grasp of oil painting (a medium I'm finding myself liking more and more!)
-Continue to work on watercolors and digital mediums

I'm also kicking off this year by signing myself up for a bunch of workshops and a digital painting class over at CGMW (they have become one of my favorite sites so far for this stuff - I loved the last round of workshops.)

All in all, a strong start to what will hopefully be a strong year.

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