Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Currently between hopping from one wedding to another, so no time to really scan and upload anything...instead, here's a quick environment paintup I did during lunch today. Done in Painter.


Pat said...

This is really cool Andrew! What tool did you use to blend the colors like that?

Drew said...

Thanks Pat.

There were a few at work, Mostly in Painter. I laid in colors using the simple digital watercolor tool - it blends colors beautifully and can create some really interesting mixes and variations, so it did a lot of the heavy lifting in the beginning, especially since I was just pushing pixels around without a clear idea. Then I used a modified digital watercolor brush that's opaque (so it acts kind of like gouache,) and I blocked in some more firm decisions. Eventually went back with hard conte, scratchboard tool, and soft oil pastel brushes to refine some of those shapes.

Once I was pretty much done, I brought it into photoshop and used the smudge tool VERY sparingly in some places, not to blend but to push paint to make it look runny here and there around the fire.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

fun stuff....i love your title bar illustration.