Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sketchbook Splurge

I need to come up with better titles...this is what happens when I forget to upload for a week or so.

I decided to try and figure out horse anatomy recently, so apologies for the excess amount of studies in these pages...those back legs are tricky to me to get right.

Also started to do a few portraits in photoshop during lunch, just to cut my teeth on some things I've picked up recently.


VertexBee said...

Great studies ! I keep an eye on your blog recently, there is always something cool on those pages :)

The horse sketches came out pretty nicely, I studied horse anatomy just a couple of days ago , they are indeed tricky.By the way there will be a free webinar with Marshall Vandruff this friday on animal anatomy.


Drew said...

Thanks! Even with analytics on, I always wonder how many people lurk onto this blog...

I'll have to check our Vandruff's webinar - I have his animal anatomy dvd from gnomon, and it's pretty fact, I should probably revisit it to see if it can shed some light on that back horse leg...I get the basic gist of it, but I keep mucking up the look of it - it just doesn't feel right to me.