Saturday, June 23, 2012

Orc Shaman inks

I had wanted to do an illustration based on my orc shaman, so that's what this is all about.  It was inked with a pen, brush, toothbrush, and a cheap korean plastic bristle brush (the kind that Michael's sells for a ridiculously cheap price because they are the shittiest brushes you can possibly buy.)  The pencils were done digitally, converted to red lineart, then printed out onto Strathmore 400 series bristol board, 13 x 17 (I have to cut it down from 14 inches to accommodate the printer.)

This is before the art is cropped down and cleaned up, though I did touch up some of the splatter effects on the legs in photoshop.  I also had to scan it in as 4 separate pieces, then use the photomerge tool to stitch them together...thank goodness for that, because otherwise it would just be too much frivolous time spent lining up edges, adjusting and balancing contrast, etc.

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