Monday, February 24, 2014

New stuff!

WOW. So a bit like clockwork I trail off on posting during the holidays then need to get back into the swing of it.  So here's some news and art in order of oldest to most recent:

My first resin kit is now available!  I was incredibly excited when Dan of Dan's Dinosaurs contacted me asking if I'd be interested in producing my T. rex model as a resin kit.  That was a big goal of mine when I started to do sculpting fairly regularly, and within the span of 7 months from seriously starting it I accomplished it.  You can pick up the model at either finished or unfinished.

I'm currently finishing out my next dinosaur release, Nasutoceratops.  I'm right now finalizing my pose choices, and it should be released in the next month or so if all goes smoothly.  Here are some fancy renders of it with a paintjob! First for my models, was quite pleased.

I'm currently enrolled online at the Watts Atelier! It's exciting to be able to finally set myself on the path of learning how to paint traditionally, which has been a long term goal of mine for quite some time. These are some early skull/head studies, but there's more to come and I plan to document most of my growth.

Annnnd speaking of heads, here's a recent head study.  It's clear that my skull studies are already paying off a bit, at least to me.

So here's to a new year of growth and progress! Expect more to come!

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Joe P said...

Hey Andrew, fellow Watts online student here. Its great to see your studies, they are coming along real nice. Im also documenting my studies at , check it out if you have time. Id love to hear your comments. Keep up the hard work.