Saturday, April 12, 2014

Planar head studies and some more sculpts

Moved on from doing skull studies to studying the simple plane head. Incredibly helpful to learn all that stuff finally instead of just winging it.  This was all spread out over roughly a month, and now I'm focusing on head abstractions and eventually a more complicated planar head.

I've also been trying to incorporate what I've learned from this stuff into the zbrush sculpting. As you can see, a certain show is back on...


Joe P said...

Great head studies Andrew. Do you have the Asaro head and a skull or are you working from photos/imagination?

Your lines are really nice and clean, and the heads have a really solid feel. Great job

Drew said...

Thanks Joe. I have a skull from Anatomy Tools that's 1/3 scale (which is smaller than I think one imagines) but it's super detailed, probably the best budget skull a person could buy.

Don't have an Asaro head yet, so I've just been working from the photos and extrapolating when I can. I'd like to get one soon though!