Monday, July 28, 2014

More feature studies and a self portrait drawing!

Here's some of my remaining feature studies, plus a shadow map self-portrait! Lately my studying is involving cast drawing so I've been looking for sources to get some of those at a fair price.


Joe P said...

Hey Andrew, Let me know if you find any sources of affordable casts. Ive been on the lookout as well, its not easy.

Drew said...

Currently I'm using a bunch of high quality photos of busts from the MET, since you can download them and they're nicely lit with a dominant light source. It'll work for now but I would like to get a decent cast or two just to practice live from.

I'm planning to check out TJ Maxx or some of the thrift shops/antique stores in my area and see if there's anything I can use. One of my friends found a bust that was a lamp in a thrift store! The casting was good if small, but she removed the lamp portion of it and just spray painted it white and you wouldn't be able to tell.