Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Space Color Comps

So, here are some color comps I did for one of the space suits. I'm going to go with the design that the color comps were used in, since I think it's the strongest out of all of them (coincidentally, it was the last of the three to be drawn as well.) These 8 (technically 7, last one is a bit of a joke, hehe) comps give me a base from which I can decide upon a final scheme and start to do a turnaround on, as well as more detailed paint-ups of both. A cool thing about this is if I want to, I can take a design scheme from one comp, and switch out the colors from another if I have to, so if I want to see what it might look like, I'd have no problem doing so. Well, enough talk, here's the art!

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