Monday, January 25, 2010

A new Year...

Well! It's been a looong time since my last post. This year, the holidays were extremely busy for me, and this has been about the first time in a long while where I felt like I can at least take a minute to breath and catch some of you wandering readers up to date. I think I can be safe to promise that I don't intend to have this long of a lapse again for a long, long while.

Border Crossings, for those of you who don't read it regularly, has kicked into Issue 02 last fall, and has been steadily updating. Not every page has been a winner in my eyes, but overall I think it's shaping up to be a stronger issue than the last one.

Here's one of a few sketches I did of Venetia as prep work for the second issue. There's about a two week gap in the timeline between the events of the first issue and the second, so I felt that by that point Venetia would have tried to get herself into comfier clothing. She still retains part of her wetsuit, but you can also see that she's started to adopt the Island's culture. By the time I started drawing her in the comic, she acquired some sort of dreadlock hairstyle, capped with metal bits.

Here's some other random sketches as well, of various things that had just popped into my head over time.

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