Saturday, February 27, 2010

Landscape WIPS

Wow, you go and move and next thing you know there's a month between posts. Apologies for that.

Here are some things that I started randomly making a few afternoons. They more or less started out as some blobs of color without any direction, then as more marks were made I started to refine them up to the point where I could put down some lines to differentiate some stuff. The fun part was that these were all made on an old intuos tablet, which was refreshing after being used to drawing on the cintiq for quite some time.

The purplish/blue one with the big tree balls (I don't really know how else to describe them,) has been taken one step further at the moment, with tighter linework put down ontop of the rough stuff. The ultimate goal will be to have three finished works on my hard drive, so we'll see where they end up!

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Anonymous said...

These are absolutely awesome! Im currently trying to learn how to use an intuos and seriously hope that one day i can draw concept art like yours! Keep posting!