Saturday, March 20, 2010


Geez, at the rate I'm posting here I'm in the running for longest time between updates...

Well then! Time for some art!
Chris and I last week were at Megacon last weekend (what with it being not more than 30 minutes away from me,) and we had a great deal of fun! It's not as artist friendly as some other conventions (Read: Heroes con,) but like any other one it always ends up being entertaining in one way or another. We had issue 01 of Border Crossings printed and on sale there, and we were able to sell quite a few copies (enough to cover parking, at any rate, so yay!)

There's gonna be some brand-spanking new art up here soon, and to kick it off, here's a warm-up doodle I did one evening before sitting down to ink. It's some sort of lizard fellow, near as I can tell.

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