Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Painter Portrait

Another little paint last time, it was done in Painter, and I focused on developing the light forms out of the dark. If there's three things I can take away from all this new stuff I've learned about painting (and still applying!) it would be these three things:

1) If you think your values are pushed enough, push them some more. Chances are you're lingering too much in the halftone (middle value), which is why your picture looks muddy. (I'm still struggling with one.

2) Don't paint objects. Paint shapes. (This rule alone has gone a long way for me in making me aware of how to paint stuff. Thank you, Richard Schmid.)

3) Don't paint/draw what you know, paint/draw what you see. This is something that I think a lot of beginners (myself included,) don't realize: If you think you know how to draw an arm, I guarantee you that you're forgetting 70% of the visual information (landmarks, how the form rolls, angles, shadows, etc.) Maybe after years and years of drawing it it'll become committed to memory (and even then you should still double-check once in awhile,) but until then, ALWAYS use reference to build your visual vocabulary. It's funny how often this gets overlooked.

On a side-note, I'll be in Charlotte, NC for Heroes Con this weekend! As usual, I'll be selling sketches and issues of Border Crossings, as well as some watercolor pieces! Stop by table 336 (I'll be across the guys who make the terrific book Owly,) and say hi to me, Chris, and our tablemate Eric!

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