Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sketchbook pages!

Well! A week and a half after Heroes and I decide to update. Heroes Con went very well. Once again, I got to meet Sanford Greene and Guy Davis, both swell guys that I'm a huge fan of, and got to chat them up a bit. Chris and I also met some readers of Border Crossings, snagged a few new people, and I even got lucky with a Mark Chiarello portfolio review (the level of excitement I had for that was immeasurable.) In anycase, I'm now backed and pumped to keep working on Border Crossings, drum up some more freelance, and keep churning out art. Speaking of, here's some new sketchbook pages.

1 comment:

John Wilkinson said...

Nice sketches, I particularly the birdish creature and the woman at the mirror.