Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dragon Lair - Value Study and Color Comp

I went with the last thumbnail originally for my final piece, but I quickly realized it was a poor composition and didn't show off much of the scene. So I went back to my thumbnails, and picked this out as my favorite. After doing a little bit of clean-up and expansion, it was ready to figure out values and colors.

I do these steps separate - when it comes to stuff like I currently figure out my values first, then apply washes of color over it to figure out my palette. To achieve the color without ruining my values too much, I used a combination of multiply, overlay, hard light, color dodge, and normal layers.

I should point out for the color comp I didn't keep multiple layers - I usually stuck to three layers - one that was the main layer, another that was the lineart, and finally my "temporary" layer, where I would make changes to the comp before committing it to the main layer.

It was a lot of trial and error to achieve the look I wanted, and once I had it, it was time to move onto the final.

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