Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hunter Girl Final

As promised, here's the final of the turnaround. It's been done for some time now, but as I've mentioned earlier, I'm trying to play catch up with the various outlets I update on...unfortunately my own blog is one where I'm behind a few posts of art.

Up next: The intial design work for the environment! I'm actually quite excited for it, what I have so far looks and feels good to me.


Demonhand said...

Hey Andrew!

I'd like to be the first to say that this looks awesome. The careful sculptural rendering paired with flatter 2-d designy shapes makes for a really nice combo, reminds me a bit of enrique fernandez!

Drew said...

Hey Carl!

Very humbled by the compliments - Always did love Enrique Fernandez's work (been meaning to pick up a new book or two of his.)

I see your work is still top notch as ever!