Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hunter Girl Concepts

This batch of rough ideas are from a set of concepts I'm developing for portfolio purposes. The basic story is that a girl from a local clan has decided to take it upon herself to hunt and kill the indigenous dragon that inhabits the area. So ultimately, the portfolio will show the girl and her gear, the environment in which the little story takes place (which for the intents of the portfolio is the lair of the beast and the small surrounding area,) and the dragon itself.

So, to start with, these are rough explorations I had for the girl. I eventually settled on the turnaround below, and if you frequent the sketchbooks, you would have seen the finished file already. I wanted to make her young, maybe 10-12 in age - right on the cusp of adolescence.

Although at the moment I just finished the turnaround, I'm also aiming to do detail close-ups of the weapons, as well as flesh out that action pose of her.


Andre Frattino said...

I like! Can't wait to see more. Your style is fun. Should consider making it a children's book.

C.Deboda said...

These are looking great man! I dig the figure posts below too.

Darnell said...

Hey! these are great! I like the design exploration. Nice.